Getting your Motor City Smoker is just the beginning. We’ve got some tried and true recipes to help.

Motor City Smokers Smoked Salmon Recipe

Motor City Smoked Salmon

Motor City Smoked Salmon Smoke salmon like a pro! Smoked salmon is one of the friendliest meats to smoke and for me it always reminds me of Northern Michigan. During trips up north there was always a little roadside store that had fresh smoked salmon w …

Motor City Smokers Baby Back Ribs

Motor City Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Motor City Baby Back Ribs A true American classic! Here’s my spin on the classic baby back ribs. This is not competition style; however, I get great results using this method in the vertical smokers. First, to get great smoked ribs, you have to start w …

Motor City Smokers Recipe - Smoked Pork Butt

Motor City Smoked Pork Butt

Motor City Smoked Pork Butt What are they? A pork shoulder (front part) can be divided into two parts: Butt end — so called because it is the butt end of the shoulder (it isn’t the actual butt of the pig…just the shoulder). Shank end — so called beca …