The Science

Like on a standard grill, the meat is placed over the heat source, but this works like a smoker because it traps the smoke produced by the coal/wood. This method allows the juices to drip directly onto the fire source, infusing the meat with its natural smoky flavors. The moisture is contained within the unit, which eliminates the use of a water pan and produces incredible results. Finally, this method is faster than that of a standard smoker, and the food can be cooked to the exact preferred level of doneness.


Our barbecue smokers are self-contained, meaning there is no need for a water bowl because the moisture stays within, and are a 100% percent temperature controlled.


Set it and forget it! Who wants to stand in front of the smoker all day while the family and friends are enjoying themselves? Get the unit up to temperature and leave it. It’s that simple.


The motor city vertical smokers are set up to give outstanding mileage on a small amount of fuel. Fill the fire basket half way for a  4–6 hour cook, or fill the basket for an 8–10 hour cook. No refills necessary.


Because our barbecue smokers are hand-built, we require 2 weeks build time for completion. We want to produce the best possible product at the best price.

Instructions for Your MCS Vertical Barbecue Smoker

  1. Set up the MCS Vertical Barbecue Smoker in an open area (outside)!
  2. Remove the fire basket from the bottom of the barrel and place it on the ground.
  3. Lighting with a chimney: Fill your fire basket one quarter to half way (depending on the length of the cook) and add a light layer of your favorite smoking wood. Fill your chimney a quarter to half way, and light the coals in the chimney. When the coals are ready, add them to the fire basket. Using the supplied handle, lift the fire basket up and then down into the barbecue smoker, and place the lid on. Let burn for 10–12 minutes to get the heat up to temperature.
  4. Lighting with lighter fluid (not recommended): Fill your fire basket half way and add a light layer of your favorite smoking wood. Add charcoal to cover the wood and apply lighter fluid. Place the charcoal basket in your smoker, light the coals with the lid off, and let your coals burn for 15–20 minutes.
  5. If hanging meat: Insert stainless steel hooks through the meat and hang the meat from eye hooks on the inside of the lid. Place the lid on the barbecue smoker and let the magic happen.
  6. If grilling: Insert the grill grate, place the meat on the grill grate, and grill as you would on a standard grill (lid off to keep fire hot).

To clean your barbecue smoker, wait until the barrel and fire basket have cooled completely, then remove the fire basket and dump the remaining ash. Use a paper towel to wipe the inside bottom of the unit.